Adobe Lightroom Released

Well Adobe Lightroom has finally been released and is out of Beta at the street price of $299 but it is being offered at a special introductory price of $199. For two bills that is not too bad although I am sure they are already working on a newer version as we speak.

Also you can visit Adobe's Lightroom Design Center or NAPP's Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Learning Center for more information and tutorials.

On a side note it seems Adobe is really going to be using those new icons but have no fear you can always customize your icons to something more recognizable than that of a periodic table. Of course I will let you have your own opinion on these oddities. Personally I think it is to get designers talking and a lot buzz and debate, and yes I am aware I am furthering this conspiracy by bloging about this but well it is a good story that many opinionated designers and photographers do talk about.

Other musing links about Adobe icons:
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