DIY: Free Lens Hoods

After reading many on-line reviews, specifications and asking others how they liked theirs on various forums or flickr you finally broke down and scraped up some cash to buy yourself a sweet new piece of glass. But to your dismay the lens did not come with a lens hood, and you know your couch isn't holding out on you since you pillaged it for cash for the lens. So what do you do? Well you head on over to and download a lens hood for your lens, and make it yourself. Then using a printer, some scissors and tape.....then wallah you have a lens hood.

The photo above is my attempt on making a petal hood for my Canon Kit Lens. I even opted to upgrade it with a rubber-band to hold it securely. Also in the photo laying next to my camera is the Canon OEM round hood.

I occasionally just use my hand to block out the suns beams but I guess the cool kids are not doing that these days. Anyway check out the site they have lens hoods for most popular Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sigma, Tamron, and Tokina lenses. They even have a custom hood maker that says it is for registered users but I couldn't find a link to sign up for it, but it could be because it is a new feature.

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