Editing your photos can be like a Picnik

In the flickr group Photomanipulation I read a post of a new website called Picnik that allows you to edit your photos online. Right now the site is still in Beta and free for now. After beta they will be offering a free service with more basic functions, and a premium version as well.

This service is great for one of those relatives or friends who do not have programs like Photoshop. The site is quick and easy to use and has a lot of great features:
  • Edit and save your photos directly from your flickr account
  • Edit images from any website like your Myspace page or blog, your computer or your webcam
  • Save images to your computer, flickr account or flickr slideshow
  • Send the completed images by email, or emailing them to your website(if your site allows this) or even print your photos from Picnik
  • Undo and reset features
  • Lots of editing tools like Autofix, Rotate, Crop, Resize, Exposure, Colors, Sharpen and Redeye
  • Creative Tools like B&W, Sepia, Boost, Matte, Vignette, and Soften
  • They are still working on more features as well

They also have a forum on the site and blog where you can find out more information or ask questions, and sample images you can try it out on. So check it out.

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